We are a school offering high quality education and a sense of community. We’d love to have you join the SDCS family! We have experienced tremendous growth in the school over the past few years and are thrilled to welcome all of our new and returning students.

We think the best way to see what makes our school special is to see us in action! Set up a tour during school hours to experience a regular day in the school.

We also publish a weekly newsletter to share insights into the classroom, updates from the school's Board of Directors, and information on fundraising activities and volunteer opportunities. View a sample of the Newsreel here.

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Registration & Enrollment

Parents enroll their children at SDCS for a variety of reasons: faith-based curriculum, dedicated teachers, academic and spiritual opportunities for student growth…

While some families have been sending their children here for generations, we welcome everyone looking for high-quality, Christ-centered education in Stratford and the surrounding area. Although most new students begin with a new school year in September, you can register your child to start at any time throughout the year. Contact us if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to register.

Student Life

We believe the life within the school is an important part of our students’ education. Throughout the school year, we integrate a wide variety of activities into our curriculum and daily life. The student-run council plans fun activities and fundraising events through the year, providing ways for students to get involved in the school and in the world around them.

We believe these activities contribute to a well-rounded, Christ-centered education for our students.

playground equipment

Separate Playground Equipment for Primary and Upper Grades

library books

Library on Premises

laptop computer

Mobile Computer Lab


Access to TJ Dolan Natural Area, Outdoor Classroom, and Playground

While sports and music are part of the curriculum, they also contribute to our students’ sense of accomplishment, happiness, and overall growth. Our students are also able to participate in a variety of enriching activities outside of the school and off-campus. In addition to physical education, students participate in sporting events and tournaments throughout the year.

badminton icon basketball icon soccer icon ice skater icon baseball icon hockey icon volleyball icon skiing icon cross country track icon

Students learn music in the classroom and have the opportunity to compete in the annual Kiwanis Festival. Singing begins in the earliest grades, and learning instruments is introduced as students progress academically.

music notes recorder ukulele music stand trumpet drums clarinet saxaphone


The Bible is at the centre of what we teach. Our students follow a well-rounded curriculum built on God’s Word and God’s world. We focus on building a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, and faith to help our students succeed in school and in life. With 11 distinct areas of study, we strive to provide high academic standards while maintaining our Biblical perspective.

We set objectives that outline what we want our students to learn at each grade level to guide lesson planning. In our curriculum overview, we have listed these objectives with brief content statements that highlight how the biblical perspective is integrated into the elementary school curriculum.

Bible Icon

To nurture and encourage the student’s relationship with Jesus Christ. Students are discipled through the scriptures, in hopes that they will recognize their true identity as a child of the living God, and respond to His love by being obedient to Him (John 14:23).

At the K-3 level, stories from the Old and New Testament are shared and explored, with an emphasis on life application.

In grades 4-8, there is a focus on central Biblical themes, e.g. covenant, kingdom, salvation, relationships, and love. Students at this level are instructed to examine Biblical narratives at a deeper level, diving into the history and context behind the Scriptures.

Paper with letters Icon
Language Arts

To cultivate the God-given gift of spoken and written expression.

There is a balanced focus on the technical aspects of language such as phonics, spelling and grammar, with the expressive aspects such as reading, creative writing, poetry, and spoken expression. Each day the students are involved in both the technical and expressive aspects while learning self-discipline and responsibility.

Art supplies Icon

To develop and explore artistic methods to express the students’ ideas, looking to God’s creation for inspiration.

With the use of a variety of techniques (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture) the students can find new ways to express their perceptions and experiences through exploration, invention, shaping and sharing. Attention is also given to art appreciation.

Math symbols Icon

To help students to investigate and to discover that God’s creation has numerical order, unity and diverse patterns.

To show how techniques in mathematics have aided us in our understanding of creation.

By way of different techniques (discovery, exploration, drill) the students are led to recognize relationships between numbers and patterns. At the primary level, students work with concrete and abstract materials.

In the junior and intermediate grades, Mathematics is a fundamental subject providing a set of skills necessary for future studies in several disciplines as well as basic life skills.

Whistle Icon
Physical Education

To realize that our bodies are temples of the Lord and to learn that care for the body is our responsibility and is essential to our total development.

The Physical Education Program emphasizes health fitness and motor proficiency. Skill building in locomotion and non-locomotion movements is stressed in the early grades.

In the middle grades skill building in a number of sports is a part of the P.E. program. Good sportsmanship and effort are encouraged. Both the Physical Education and Science program incorporate Health education.

Paper with French flag Icon

To develop linguistic skills in French, helping students broaden their understanding of this country, and encouraging them to see the beauty in the diversity that surrounds them.

French is taught in all grades. The Primary course 1-3 deals with simple words and structures, stories and songs.

Grades 4-8 follows a more structured program emphasizing the skills of listening, reading, speaking, writing and role playing.

Science flask Icon

From micro-biology to the cosmos, God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things. Without restraint we dive into the sciences, knowing that with each new discovery we learn more of God’s character, creativity and infinite nature. God is the great scientist!

Science is taught in grades JK-8. The integrated theme units in K-8 have aspects of the study of God’s Creation.

World map Icon
Social Studies

We encourage students to acknowledge our collective responsibility to God’s creation. By studying cultures, people, and events of our past, we can better form a Christ-like response to the world around us.

Grades K-2 learn about various aspects of God’s world through the study of creatures, land and sea, and peoples’ responses to their environment. In grade 7-8 Social Studies is defined as Geography and History.

Music stand Icon

Music is a gift from God! It is an enriching medium through which we can express our gratitude and praise to God, and is a valuable tool to connect with each other, and to those in our community.

Our music program includes singing in all grades, the use of recorders in grades 3-4, ukuleles in grades 5-6, and our instrumental band program in grades 7-8. Music theory is incorporated in grades 3-8.

History text Icon

The History curriculum has an emphasis on God’s Redemptive plan throughout history.

History is taught in grades 7-8. We focus on Canadian history, from formative events in colonial North America up to Canada’s involvement in World War I.

Computer mouse Icon

We focus on skill development, and integrating technology within other subjects.

At all grade levels, students benefit from learning with the mobile computer lab. Students learn basic computer skills as well as using computer programs designed to facilitate learning in core subjects.


The cost of tuition is an investment in your child’s future. We want to provide our students with an effective and valuable education. Our tuition remains competitive with other privately-funded schools in the Stratford area.

Tuition Rates
  Annual Monthly
One Child at SDCS (SK-8) $ 12,826 $ 1,069
2+ children at SDCS (SK-8) $ 13,728 $ 1,144
Senior Kindergarten only $ 8,474 $ 706
Junior Kindergarten only $ 6,364 $ 530
Additional Junior Kindergarten student with Grade SK - 8 student attending $ 961 $ 80

* Rates are subject to change.

Payment Options

Tuition can be paid annually, or in monthly instalment payments.

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

The TRIP program helps to reduce tuition through the purchase of gift cards at face value. A percentage of the gift card is applied against tuition costs. Participants include numerous grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations, restaurants, and others stores.


There is a 25% tuition reduction on the first year of tuition for new families, for those enrolling for the first time in Christian education with students in Grade 2 or higher.

Tuition assistance is available based on demonstration of financial need.

Families with students also enrolled in a Christian high school will receive a tuition reduction.

Tax Incentive

The Federal Government allows parents/guardians who choose a faith-based school for their children to use a portion of the tuition fees as a charitable donation for income tax purposes (an estimated $3,300 annually). Through a formula, schools calculate what the federal government calls the Cost Per Student (CPS) which it uses to establish what portion of payments made to SDCS can be used as charitable donations.


We offer busing coverage for Stratford, St. Mary’s, Gadshill, Shakespeare, Mitchell and the surrounding areas. Our Transportation Committee determines the bus routes during the summer months, working to accommodate those families who wish to use this valuable service.

Graduate Profile

Our vision of student success involves academic growth as well as building a stronger relationship with God. These principles become part of day-to-day student life, and are reflected in our graduate profile.

Each student works towards:

Developing a deep and sincere relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, by
Understanding and accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour
Living a life of love in which the fruit of the Spirit is clearly evident

Living and expressing a personal Christian worldview that is securely rooted in the Word of the Lord, by
Having a clear understanding of the authority of Scripture and how it relates to all areas of life
Using Biblical wisdom and discernment in dealing with the issues of life
Showing respect and giving encouragement within each relationship

Using my God given talents to eagerly serve in His kingdom work each day, by
Exercising Christian leadership in my daily walk
Working and serving to the best of my abilities in all areas of life
Working to the best of my abilities in all aspects of my educational life
Encouraging and participating in the greater Christian community
Being equipped to serve in areas of social justice and community service


Student Dress Code

Dress code is a part of student life at SDCS. Students must comply with the code for all field trips, class outings, sporting events or school events. Read through our dress code guidelines for more information.

Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct intends to encourage our students to follow Christian standards of behavior by clearly indicating acceptable behavior.

Our Relationship with God
We will speak of God in respectful ways.
We will encourage close relationships with God in others as well as ourselves through Bible reading, prayer, sharing, etc.

Our Relationship with Those in Authority
We will be respectful in our speech and conduct.
We will be obedient to those in authority over us.
We will not condone the disrespect displayed by others to those in authority.

Our Relationship to Others
We will be respectful of others.
We will address each other properly and not resort to name calling, swearing or dirty language towards each other.
We will respect each other’s person and remember “no touching except for helping.”
We will learn to apologize when we fail and to seek God’s strength to continue trying to live in fellowship.

Our Relationship to School Property
We will respect school property. This includes furniture, books, equipment and the building.
We will report any damage done and volunteer to pay for damages if we are responsible.
We will accept responsibility for the cleanliness of the school and grounds.

Our Model of Discipline

Stratford and District Christian School is a vibrant and dynamic community, connected by the interpersonal relationships of its members. Kindergarten to grade 8 students, teaching staff, bus drivers, secretaries, janitors, board members, school supporters, and parents all make up this body of Christ. Each and every day there are beautiful opportunities to build into these relationships under the authority of the Holy Spirit.

Within these daily interactions, teachers and staff members have the unique privilege of modeling Christ-like qualities, whether it be through their lessons, conversations, or in their disciplining of the students. Qualities such as dependability, respect, honesty, self-control, integrity, trustworthiness, gentleness, kindness, mercy, honour and above all, love, are integral to meaningful discipline. When done properly, discipline should not be defined as punishment, but rather, life-changing training, that should be understood as part of discipleship.

At SDCS our discipline policy is built upon this fundamental idea. Within this policy, we endeavour to guide our students in the right direction, teaching them to take responsibility for choices made, and to move forward in forgiveness and grace towards the goal of restoration, relying on Jesus Christ as our ultimate example and guide.