What is a Member?

Members are the heart of our school.

Forming the Stratford & District Christian School Society, members are responsible for maintaining the school and make important decisions about what we do. The Society is composed of Christians who believe in the school’s mission and support the school financially. Society membership fees are $500 per year. Meetings are held twice a year to inform the membership about school operations and planning.

Membership is open to parents who enroll their children in the school and to others who support Christian education and agree with the purpose, goals, and constitution of the Society.

This means we are a parent-governed school, electing a Board of Directors from this membership. With the invaluable love, support, and help of parents, SDCS flourishes with the kind of vibrancy that comes from working together as a community with a common goal: Christ-centred education.


The operations of our school are governed by a Board of Directors elected from among the membership of the SDCS Society. The Directors represent the committees that direct all operations.

Our governing committees are listed below with a brief overview of their purpose.

Governing Committees

The Board
The purpose of the Stratford & District School Society Board of Directors is to ensure the Vision and Mission of the Society are developed, communicated and achieved. This will be aided through upholding the Constitution and By-Laws of the Stratford District School Society.

The Building Committee
The purpose of the SDCS Building Committee is to maintain proper care, maintenance and adequacy of building interior and exterior, the grounds and the physical equipment used by the school society.

The Contract Partnership Committee
The purpose of the Contract Partnership Committee is to encourage a fair and productive work environment for the staff.

The Executive Committee
The purpose of the Executive Committee is to streamline Board activities so as to facilitate more positive energy appropriately directed towards strategic initiatives.

The Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors. It has the responsibility for working with the Treasurer and Bookkeeper to create the upcoming fiscal year budget; presenting budget recommendations to the Board; monitoring implementation of the approved budget on a regular basis and recommending proposed budget revisions; recommending to the Board appropriate policies for the management of the school's assets and liabilities. It shall oversee a Tuition Assistance Committee (“TAC”) which will work to provide Christian education to those families that could otherwise not afford it by identifying needs and soliciting funds.

The Fundraising Committee
The mandate of the Fundraising Committee is to review and assist in implementing all the budgeted fundraising activities of SDCS, assisting the membership of SDCS in meeting its financial needs. These activities will be in accordance with the SDCS vision and mission, and biblically mandated practices. It is expected that all sending families participate in at least one fundraising activity in the planning and implementation process unless otherwise arranged.

The Human Resource Committee
This committee shall assist the principal in the hiring of new staff, as directed by the board and encourage the most effective use of human resources available for the school operation, consistent with the school’s mission and the applicable standards of Ontario.

The Membership Committee
The purpose of the Membership Committee is to encourage the advancement of Christian education in the local community by encouraging adults to join the society and educating them on the advantages of membership.

The Program Committee
The purpose of this Committee is to ensure that the curriculum and the school activities are consistent with the Society Vision and/or the School Mission Statement.

The Promotion Committee
This Committee’s purpose is to strengthen the Christian school community and develop a sense of unity and purpose among its members; to strengthen the ties between the school and the support community; to increase the public’s awareness about the school’s vision and activities; to provide opportunities for communicating Christian education to Christian families; and to provide information for communicating to the media and the public as an ongoing practice.

The Transportation Committee
The Transportation Committee provides a system for safe, efficient and prompt transportation and maintains consistency with the purpose, vision and mission of the school keeping the Christian community of the school in mind.

Board of Directors

Name Position Committee
Jonathan DeWeerd Chair  
Josh Puklicz Vice-Chair Information Technology
Danielle Streutker Secretary Fundraising
Mike Boers Treasurer Finance, Tuition Assistance
Ken VanderWal General Adjunct Transportation, Membership
Daryl Pol Director Building, Contract Partnership
Jen Hummel Director Program, Contract Partnership
Trevor Biehn Director Human Resources, Promotion
Dave Straatsma Ex-Officio Principal


Board Transparency
The Board is committed to two way transparency with the Membership of the Society and as such will ensure that the following mechanisms will remain in place:

  1. As per our SDCS by-laws the Board will continue to ensure that at least two Membership meetings are held per annum, one in the spring and one in the fall. In addition to the required items of business (as per our by-laws) each meeting will include a Board report providing an update on the highlights of the Board since the previous Membership meeting.
  2. The Board will regularly update the Membership on its events through the Newsreel. At a minimum announcements from the Board will be published once per month including ensuring that the dates of upcoming Board meetings are published, and also to provide a quick summary after each Board meeting as to some of the highlights of that meeting.
  3. It is to be made clear to the Society Members that they are welcome to address the Board through pre-arranged attendance at a regularly scheduled board meeting. Such requests will be honoured based on those requests being made to the Board chair such that arrangements can be made for the individual/group to attend an upcoming meeting.
  4. The Board will be mindful that town hall meetings are sometimes appropriate to gain a broader input on certain items that the board is dealing with. Town Hall meetings will be called where deemed appropriate by the Board of where there is a sense that the Society Members at large are wishing such a Town Hall meeting to take place.

Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. In order to determine the direction of the organization, it is necessary to understand its current position and the possible avenues through which it can pursue a particular course of action. Generally, strategic planning deals with at least one of three key questions:

"What do we do?"

"For whom do we do it?"

"How do we excel?"

Our strategic plan helps us plan for the future. With our current level of sustained growth, we are planning on expanding our facility to accommodate new students and afford us new opportunities. Read our strategic plan to see our vision for the future.